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Welcome to Izabel March Books. I write Austen-inspired fiction. My current books are set in 1907 and 1923.

In my most recent novel, Will You Be My Widow?, Colonel Albert Arthur Penrose Fitzwilliam of the Duke of Cumberland’s Blues, needs a respite from Turkish spies, an irate earl, and his own confused heart. A chance opportunity in Innsbruck gives him a splendid idea but before he can follow it through, Charles Bingley’s good intentions get in the way.

Hundreds of miles away in a small town in Hertfordshire an ugly, dim-witted man becomes paterfamilias to a woman and her five daughters. The eldest two escape, one to a teaching position and the other, with her dreams of a profession destroyed, to the City of the Lily. However, as Elizabeth Bennet basks in Florentine sunsets, she risks losing true love to another young woman who, lonely and scared, has resolved to marry a rich man no matter what.

How can Elizabeth take charge of the situation to ensure her own happiness with the man she loves and the happiness of the man she has come to love as a brother?

No Thank You, Mr Darcy

Pride And Prejudice for the 1920s