I started making new covers so that I could give public domain books as gifts to friends. These books are available for download in various places but I wanted attractive paperback versions I could wrap up. I looked on Amazon and found dull, generic covers and decided that as I have a graphics program and reasonable amounts of free time that I would make my own. One of my friends loved the cover of The Alpine Path so much she said I should put it on Amazon so I did. 🙂 They’re all available as very cheap ebooks and as paperbacks but because they’re public domain I’m not allowed to put them in Kindle Unlimited.

The original Jane Austen ‘fan fiction’. This is a public domain work I reissued with some very light editing and a newly designed cover as a gift for a friend.

Written in 1913 before the Great War swept away the last remnants of Jane Austen’s world, this charming novel by Sybil Brinton, brings Elizabeth Darcy together with characters from the other five novels, to help Georgiana, Kitty, and Colonel Fitzwilliam find their true loves. 

Old Friends And New Fancies is available on Amazon as an ebook and a paperback but as a public domain work it is not eligible for KU.

The Alpine Path, subtitled ‘The Story of My Career’ was written for the Everywoman’s World magazine in 1917 and originally published as a ten part serial.

Everyone familiar with Maud Montgomery’s novels knows how much she loved cats. Cats figure in all her novels, from Emily’s Saucy Sal to the unwanted holiday home pets adopted by Captain Jim. Even the Green Gables twins, Dora and Davy, seem to be based on cats – the prim Catkin and mischievous Pussy-willow – of Maud’s childhood. So, when I wanted to give The Alpine Path to a feline-loving friend I knew it needed a catty cover. 

Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback but as a public domain work it is not eligible for KU.