Hello, I’m Izabel, sometimes Izzi to my friends and Bee to my family, but I like Izabel.

I look better at a distance anyway.

←I was told I must have a photo but all my selfies turn out weird. Sorry. I will try to find someone sensible to take a decent one one day.

I’m a writer of Austen-inspired novels, a part-time manager of a B&B, and a maker of jewellery and accessories from (mostly) recycled materials. I’ve been reading Jane Austen since I was twelve. I started Austen with Northanger Abbey which I loved and went right down the rabbit hole of Gothic literature so my first foray into fan fiction was with Ann Radcliffe. My mother was unimpressed and after I scared my older sister witless one dark, dreich night I was told to confine my reading to the ilk of the Sue Barton and Nancy Drew stories. Happily though, for all concerned, she let me read Jane Austen again a few years later ahead of the dramatisation of Pride And Prejudice. I have been madly in love ever since.

I live part of the year in Verona and spend the summer on the shores of a loch in the west of Scotland because I can’t easily tolerate temperatures much above 25C. I look like the soul-sister of Arabella in Tea With Mussolini but in Austen heroine quizzes I am always Elinor Dashwood. from Tea With Mussolini. However, in Austen heroine quizzes I am invariably Elinor Dashwood. That means although I appear flaky you can rely on me in an emergency. Jenny Longlegs in your room? Need a corkscrew at midnight? Just ask.

This is my Thinking Bench in the garden of the Basilica San Lorenzo, where I plan my stories away from the distractions of my flat and the internet. When I’m not obsessing about Austen’s characters, with (with their original personalities and values – very important to me) into new settings, I like people-watching while reading in cafes, eating praline gelato, rifling around at vintage fairs and British charity shops, collecting Japanese textiles, and visiting all sorts of gardens. And when I’m not reading Austen, my favourite authors are L M Montgomery, Elizabeth Goudge, Christina Rossetti, Eugene Vodolazkin, Elizabeth Von Armin, Georgette Heyer, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Anthony Trollope, and Carlo Levi.

Thank you for reading this far! If you want to keep in touch, please join my mailing list. You can read more about my works-in-progress on my blog.